Internet Marketing and Online Advertising

What is marketing? Generally speaking, it may be said it is a customer-oriented discipline. This is because its goal is to determine what the customer wants and needs, in order to come up with new products and services that will fill a void in the customer's life, or simply appeal to their interests and likes. The overall process can be broken down in several different but related concepts, such as advertising, business to business marketing and other strategies used by companies. As is common nowadays with many areas, this field has spilled over to the internet with online and email marketing. Following is a brief overview, but more can be learned by browsing the pages of this site.

Advertising is a field which duty is to cast a positive light upon certain products and services, so that the target audience will identify with them and choose them over other similar products and services. However, before advertising agencies can start a campaign, there has to be some market research to come up with the best possible product, and the segment of the market that it will be aimed at. One of the better known forms of market research involves focus groups. In this type of qualitative research, a group of people is assembled and asked to give their opinion concerning a product or service, ranging from name to packaging. The feedback collected may or may not be used to introduce changes in the product.

A marketing strategy may include segmentation, a practice in which the public is divided into different segments that ideally share a few particular characteristics, such as gender, age and income. Another example of marketing strategy would be product differentiation. As the name implies, this strategy consists of distinguishing a particular product from others in order to make it more appealing to a determined market segment. In general, any given marketing plan should cover a few basics, such as price, promotion, placement, people, environment, process and packaging.

In this globalized era, it is not rare for a marketing company to branch out and go into internet marketing. Online marketing involves more than just offering the same old products and services over the internet, even though it is true that that alone already ensures that a bigger audience may be targeted. As a matter of fact, it entails other unique concepts, like e-commerce. E-commerce involves not only physical objects that can be advertised, sold and bought through the internet and then delivered to the customer; but also has to do with virtual items, such as access to a website's content, and so on and so forth. This internet marketing approach can be applied in a business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B) basis.